Friday, May 16, 2008

You Took This Heart With You

Every time you walk out that door
You took a part of my soul with you
I could not concentrate on things I’m doing
My heart went out with you
I miss you the minute I can’t see your eyes
And those feeling went spinning around
Searching for that moment when the door is open
I reach out for you and hold you close again
You took this heart with you
I feel the emptiness unbearable
I know so well I can’t losing you
I long to hold on to you as long as I live
Cause the pain of waiting are torturing my soul
Each second as the clock ticking
My mind keep flooding with your images
The vision keep taunting in my mind
The eagerness of holding you
And feeling your hand touching mine
Keep my breathing more excite
Come back now my love
It is all my heart yearning
It is all my soul need
And it is all why the reason I love you so
MAY2008 @MY


Anonymous said...

I recently 'Lost' someone...and in that...most were gone...I felt this one deeply..beautifully written.

May said...

Xander, sorry it reminded you of your lost someone but I hope you won't take it too hard. This is written from the feeling of needed. I'm quite emotional in this piece.
Thanks, Xander. Be happy. :)

BuDakHutaN said...

agree with xander... it's deep and beautiful .. it's hard to lost someone...

samdaddycool said...

i like the painting...