Monday, May 26, 2008

I Just Can’t

Life stand still
Even the faith inside lost unseen
The vision in your eyes blurring into grayish view
Staring still into the darkness view
You feel you are here but your spirit yet so far away
Look into your heart that the feelings is not right
You can’t say a word as your nerve keeping pushing in
Your excessive thinking keeps your headaches more stressing
Just all you need now is to have some rest
You won’t want talk and stop thinking
You’ve hope, but you have lost it
You’ve a life, but you not wanting it
You’ve tried to do your best, but you have failed it
Why must all this happen to you?
As hope lost uncover
As life comfort turn disaster
As faith become a lost world
And you thought fate has overcome you
You have no more will in living
You want nothing from this world
You felt your life does not belong anymore
As stresses in your life become worst
As your heart keep feeling
The time is near
You are heading to an end
There is no turning back
As it is too much to bear in your life
And how you reacted when things get worst
But in hoping you will find a way
Of darkness turning bright
And peace be in your heart
I can’t, I can’t no, no, no
There would never be tomorrow
I can’t, I can’t stay this way
Everything that belong to me
Meant nothing anymore
I need to rest
My brain won’t work
I can’t think
I can’t eat
I can’t sleep
I am too tired
Please let me go
I just can’t, I just can’t
Release me please
From these pains forever
Forgive me
©2008 MY

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


You walk right in my life
At the moment I just needed you most
You change my world with just a gentle smile
So truly I’m touched by the gaze in your eyes
They show me, you are the one my heart desire
I know it, I felt it
The beat of my heart could not hold back
For I just need to show you how I felt
But as you hold my hand and lead me to the dance floor
I know that feelings just right
You hold on tight to me
And made me felt how you needed me too
For hours on the dance floor
We still could not let go of each other
Still holding on and enjoying each song together
Hand on hand and gazing into each other eye
This feeling I still felt deeply in my heart
Of how beautiful a moment I’ll never forget
For entirely I still holding you
Face to face and enjoying our time
To never let go of each other
As this love could only grow deeper
Every second, every minute, every hour, every day
Of our life
©2008 MY

Friday, May 16, 2008

You Took This Heart With You

Every time you walk out that door
You took a part of my soul with you
I could not concentrate on things I’m doing
My heart went out with you
I miss you the minute I can’t see your eyes
And those feeling went spinning around
Searching for that moment when the door is open
I reach out for you and hold you close again
You took this heart with you
I feel the emptiness unbearable
I know so well I can’t losing you
I long to hold on to you as long as I live
Cause the pain of waiting are torturing my soul
Each second as the clock ticking
My mind keep flooding with your images
The vision keep taunting in my mind
The eagerness of holding you
And feeling your hand touching mine
Keep my breathing more excite
Come back now my love
It is all my heart yearning
It is all my soul need
And it is all why the reason I love you so
MAY2008 @MY

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Hold me now until forever

I know your love is real
I know you care for me
I know you are always near
I know I wouldn’t have to worry
For you are standing here
And holding me close
Touching my soul
Do not let go honey
Each day meant so much to me
To know you never far away
To let me feel you deeply
Into this heart of mine
Hold me now until forever
And let this feelings grow eternally
And holding me closely, my love
To feel your heartbeat endlessly
My precious loving you
You make me feel so right
In our world of passion
I’m yours forever….

Friday, May 9, 2008

For My Mama -Mother’s Day

Mama dear
You give me a world where there’s hope and love
You teach me to be kind and loving
You guide me to lead our life full of confidence
Mama, I thank you for being my mom
I love you, is the only word I could say to you
It means your love is the greatest and most divine
I belong to you forever and this will always be
Mama, from the moment you gave me my life
I know I owe you my lifetime
Mama, even a million thanks I could not replace
Of how you love and take care of me
For the most difficult time in my life, you walk with me
You are always here, to show you care
And hold me strongly and give me strength
You hold my world with your precious love
When you know I ‘m ending my life
Mama, I love you and don’t mean to hurt you
You are the only one that know what I’ve gone through
You are the only one that could read the thing that torturing my mind
And you are the only you, that takes note of my every step
And you will never leave me alone when I’m feeling bad
We have gone through together all the downturn in life
We know all the closest people that turn their back on us
Mama you are there, you still hold me strongly
You have given my life a new beginning
Mama, I wouldn’t have live until today
It is you who give me all
I love you, mama
Without you, I am nothing
I need you, mama
Forever I am yours
10th.May.2008 @MY

Saturday, May 3, 2008

My heart is filled with your love

You are so beautiful
My tender love
You are here always
To pick me up when I’m falling
To hold me tight when I’m weak
My heart is filled with your love
Each time I touch your face
Those brown eyes of yours
Filled my soul with happiness
Kissing your lips that taste the sweetness of love
Making my feelings for you grow deeper
You always holding close
To caress me with your hands that I crave
Your tenderness I can’t decline
O my love
You are here always
So loving and caring
In my heart it is you that I love
Is the passion of wanting
To share everything that I have
With you only
O my love
Your love is like a flame
That keeps burning in my deepest ocean
A flame that will keep burning
Burning to the depth of my heart forever
3rd.May,2008 @MY

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Our Loving Devotion

You have shown me a life that filled my soul
And make me want you more with each passing day
You gave me hope to carry on
You gave your life in exchange for mine
I need you, my precious angel
You are everything that I dream of
And I promise you
That our love will last forever
Our flame of love will never die
As I surely holding you tight
As you’re my man and I’m your woman
That made our life a loving devotion
To share this entire life
Of what we have always need of each other
A love that so real and deep
A love that full of respect
A love that light our heart
A love that make us one
And make our life complete

1st.May.2008 @MY