Monday, May 26, 2008

I Just Can’t

Life stand still
Even the faith inside lost unseen
The vision in your eyes blurring into grayish view
Staring still into the darkness view
You feel you are here but your spirit yet so far away
Look into your heart that the feelings is not right
You can’t say a word as your nerve keeping pushing in
Your excessive thinking keeps your headaches more stressing
Just all you need now is to have some rest
You won’t want talk and stop thinking
You’ve hope, but you have lost it
You’ve a life, but you not wanting it
You’ve tried to do your best, but you have failed it
Why must all this happen to you?
As hope lost uncover
As life comfort turn disaster
As faith become a lost world
And you thought fate has overcome you
You have no more will in living
You want nothing from this world
You felt your life does not belong anymore
As stresses in your life become worst
As your heart keep feeling
The time is near
You are heading to an end
There is no turning back
As it is too much to bear in your life
And how you reacted when things get worst
But in hoping you will find a way
Of darkness turning bright
And peace be in your heart
I can’t, I can’t no, no, no
There would never be tomorrow
I can’t, I can’t stay this way
Everything that belong to me
Meant nothing anymore
I need to rest
My brain won’t work
I can’t think
I can’t eat
I can’t sleep
I am too tired
Please let me go
I just can’t, I just can’t
Release me please
From these pains forever
Forgive me
©2008 MY


Shinade said...

Oh my this is so very stirring. I think we all face times such as these.

Times and trials in life. Sometimes it is so hard to comprehend why things are as they are.

Yet we all must hold on to the faith. Only God knows the true reasons.

Sometimes I wonder how he has let this world sand for so long.

This is a vey powerful lament.

God Bless!!

Anonymous said...

this was stirring and brought back memories of past pain and struggle..well done

Jenaisle said...

Good poem, well expressed. Keep posting.

May said...

shinade,robert,jenaisle, thanks for visiting and for your precious comments. Really appreciate it.
Life is filled with wonders.
God Bless.

luvikavi said...

This poem really struck a chord with me. I guess its because Im currently going through a tough time and I'm at the brink of letting go. Writing helps me hold onto whatever I believe in and gives me encouragement to keep on writing.

This poem gave me inspiration to keep on writing. I've been having some trouble writing poetry for a while, when all along I should have been writing what I feel