Wednesday, February 27, 2008

You Are Everything To Me

This morning my son asks me to buy a new phone for him.
I told him that I cannot afford to buy him another one.
The phone he is using was bought three months ago Nokia 5610 Xpress Music.
I just wonder why children nowadays not really content with what they already had. Every new model come out in the market surely
they will persuade their parent to buy if for them. I am really tired, not because of changing it for him but because of hearing too much persuasion from them. I love them so much, I feel bad for not buying it for them. But I just
hope my thirteen years old boy will understand. Sure I love to buy it for him but not now, I don't want to pamper him too much.

Little Sunshine

Honey, don’t say,
Mommy not loving you,
For you meant the world to me,
You are a part of me.

Honey, never compare,
Mommy’s love for other things,
For I know I am always here for you,
You are everything to me.

Honey, don’t feel bad,
Mommy will try the best,
For I know what you want,
Your heart desire is known to me

My Chin © 2008

Sunday, February 17, 2008

We Are One

Human happiness seems to be strongly tied to having close and satisfying relationships with friends, family, and, of course, a partner. The desire for a partner is so powerful in human beings that one writer suggested the basic unit of human life is not the individual, but the couple.
Love is basically a matter of caring about someone else's well-being as much or more than you care about your own. If they feel pain or sadness, you suffer with them. If they find happiness, you feel happy for them. Strong love even involves sacrificing your own happiness -- and even sometimes your own life -- for the other person.
There have been many suggestions as to various types of love. For example, some have differentiated between romantic love, which is based on passion, companionate love, which is based on companionship and commitment, and consummate love, which has both.
Another way to classify love is in terms of the people involved. Parental love, subdivided into maternal and paternal love, is the love a parent feels for his or her children. Filial love is in turn the love a child has for his or her parents. Friendship is, of course, the love good friends feel for each other. And another form of love is compassion, which isn't tied to any one person but rather is felt towards all people and sometimes even all life. The love we feel for that "special someone" is no doubt the most complex, involving as it does, intimacy, passion, and commitment. We traditionally think of it as heterosexual, but the exact same feelings occur in homosexual relationships.
Love between parent and child very clearly has some biological roots. There is a similarity between the attachment between parent and child and the instinctual behaviors of animals that makes that obvious. However, human beings never seem to be totally determined by instincts, and we have countless cases of people who treat their children or their parents very badly.
Love between friends seems to begin with commonalities: We are attracted to people who are similar to us. Because we share certain qualities, being with others like us validates us, gives us a sense of worth. After all, they like us, and we like them, so we must be okay. Of course, things are rarely simple with people: Sometimes we are attracted to people precisely because of our differences. In some cases, it's a matter of wishing you were more like the other person. In other cases, you feel a strong sense of comradery, not because you are similar, but because both of you are so different from everyone else around you!
When it comes to the love between partners, it usually begins with some degree of sexual attraction, along with the kinds of things that attract one to potential friends. It is likely that some of this love is instinctual, in the same way that the love between parents and children is partially instinctual. After all, many animals seem to bond in the same way. The biological purpose of the bonding may be reproduction, but that bond may extend far beyond.
Over time, the love between partners is likely to become somewhat less sexual and more companionate, but the long-term intimacy has special warmth of its own. We all know people who don't even seem to get along, and yet love each other very much! On the other hand, contrary to what young people often assume, many couples retain a degree of passion in their relationship well into old age! Love is a tough subject to do research on: How do you measure it? How can you do experiments on it? Many have found that it is more fruitful to take a phenomenological approach, which means carefully describing aspects of the experience of love in all its forms.Dr. C. George Boeree"Love, the strongest and deepest element in all life, the harbinger of hope, of joy, of ecstasy; love, the defier of all laws, of all conventions; love, the freest, the most powerful molder of human destiny..."

My point of view;
When you love a person, you should love him for who he is. And when loving a person you should feel it with your heart how deep do you really love him or need him. How much can you give him in return? Never compare how much your love for him for if he does not love deeper than you. But instead of how much and how long this love for him you going to hold in your heart for him. True love never has an end. This love always go beyond how your heart felt. When you really found someone that make you feel that deep, I believe you wouldn't look elsewhere. Love is very magical when you find the direction that make you look straight in your heart. You will know deep in your heart although sacrifices sometime may occur in a marriage of true love you wouldn't mind at all because this is just part of the love you hold in your heart. You will do everything together with this person you love deeply or even die for. All as one. This is how I hold my love for the only person I love. I want it to be true and to be really honest in everything we do or said. Really transparent to each other. I felt he is me; I am him, as one. In this way we will be appreciated in each other. The love we hold for each other would be much more interesting. Aren’t we being happier because we love each other like loving our self?

We Are One

A love so true
is me and you
A love so true
no barrier can hold

Love meant
loving your every step
loving your every word
loving your every breath

With you
I am myself
I am you
I am we

in love with you
in love with me
we are One.....
MY Copyright ©2007

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I Love It

I love it when you smile at me and your happiness shows

I love it when you whisper in my ear and no one else knows

I love it when you stare at me in such a loving way

I love it when you tell me you love me more and more each day

I love it when you call just to say goodnight

I love it when you hold me so close and so tight

I love it when you kiss me like I have never been kissed before

I love it when you bring me flowers when you knock at my door

I love it when we dance and you request our special song

I love it when you tell me you have loved me all along

I love it when you send me a nice love letter

I love it when I am ill and you would do anything to make me better

I love it when I cry and you wipe away my tears

I love it how you protect me and keep me safe from all my fears

I love it when we talk about a future up ahead

I love it when you stroke my head when I have gone to sleep in bed

I love it when you sing to me and always showing you care

I love it how i feel you here, even when your not there

I love it how you put me first, I'm always number one

I love it how you reassure me that our love will never be gone

I love it when we reminisce on the first day you caught my eye

I love it how you never want to let go when its time to say goodbye

I love it how no matter what, you are always there for me

I gave you my heart, the same heart that has been like before

I gave you my trust which few have had

I told you my secrets, the ones that have been buried deep inside of me

But most of all I love the way,the way you will always love me

And I have given you myself and it belongs to you.

By Lee Frank ( dedication from my hubby)

Tonight Meant Forever

Your kisses are the sweetest, my love
That keep me twirling with thunder
With your quivering lip
You know how to touch me
You know how I want it
You know just the timing
Don't let those moment stop
Don't tease me or keep me waiting
Don't let my hunger losing up
Make love
Make me wanted more
Make tonight meant forever
You know I long for you
I know you wanted it too
Come with love
Moan with love
For our ecstasy thrilling in our soul
For our love so strong one


Life wasn't really smooth in so many people's life. But some how we need to carry on because there are no easier ways to make it with a short cut. One thing for sure, what we need to do each day is to be contented of what we have and manage it the right way. We try our best to do more to the righteous way in order for the next generations to learn and follow the right path. Everything I do or say, I will try my best to be really careful when educating my young ones. With this, sometimes I feel quite stressful. I have no choice as there are too many young people out there without proper guidances from their parents, so many unwanted incidents and disappointments were created due to their naivety and unproper upbringing.

Humans, at my point of view are born equal, the difference is how we educate and groom them as they grew up. Most things are determined from the moment we are born although we have a choice to change it later in life as in our name and religion as an example. So, our way of thinking, character, personality depends alot on our upbringing. Life is to be enjoyed not endured.


If you see this window

with scenery that captivates your life

Will you ever stop and think

what you see at the end of another window

Life is always beautiful

when the mind of youth still fresh

Life turns grey

when age catching up

But I know the way to make it fine

becoz life are most beautiful

when mixed with spices of love

with kindness to bear at heart

Always treasure every minutes

for its counts even the seconds

And little thing that said and done

mean a big thing that last forever ....

Monday, February 11, 2008

My Angel Of Love

My love grow stronger

each day I look at you

My life for you opens

each time I see your smile

My passion for you

grow deeper each day

My cares and love for you

will never fades

I love the way you make me feel

I love the way when all are real

I love the way you look at me

And I love knowing you for eternity

With the beautiful rainbow I see it through

That my love at the sky above

I only want to be with you

Your flames of love make me yours

And feeling so deeply for you

Your love so true that capture me

Forever I'm holding tight

You are my angel of love.