Thursday, September 11, 2008


Let all begin
Into you it took sign of experiencing
To look further and deeper
Into own self and heart truthfulness
You will find
You will find
Someday it will show the deepest meaning
How life really turn to reality
How life become a glory
Will you ever truly know?
What you need is a little more inside
One must find to the deepest end
To realise how it really mean
Being someone it is not important
But being a person that fill with honesty and dignity
And self pride that being proud by those around us
That show how much you have achieve
That only those around you that sees truly with their third eyes
It was this that makes us see
How much we can be
To be better self that fill with wisdom that God provide us
God knows well
Everything little single thing that we did
Or say
Each minute HE is watching us
We should give ourselves totally to HIM
As he will always guide us
He never leaves us, but love us unconditionally
So did we provided those that we love unconditionally
That is totally honestly and genuinely from the bottom of our heart
I promise to God ,I will
As long as I live
I give myself totally, completely to HIM
I want to be like HIM
To give my love completely, unmeasured to my loved ones
I will love the LORD forever
I don’t want a life fill with lies
I don’t want a life fill with dishonest
I want to honour this life that GOD gives me
Many deaths I have conquered because God give me chances to see the world
HE want me to precious every single happening
And HE know my dream to help those that need us unfulfilled yet
He will lead my dream come true
When the time is up
I will follow the task that GOD sends me
Completely for HIS kingdom
To be HIS servant to carry on His task to save the world

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Realization of self

I don’t know why
Can’t find the answer yet
To live a life with perfectness
For living are not that easy
You know the headache and heartache
That causes you to feel
So deeply touch by what was heading
To help with your heart and soul
But through strength that is not strong enough
For the nations crying hailing
For a true God they need Him to guide the way
What hardship and suffering
Will all this people getting through
With someone that never feel with heart or soul
But only of his unwillingness and selfishness
Would you dare to bare the death of people?
When their sufferings have no end
Would you bare the sins on your shoulder?
When their cries you left deaf ear
How long… long
When one ten year seem passing fast
How many ten years do a human live
Did you think deeply?
Did you care for your loved ones truly?
And be a true man of history
Would you dare to realize your wrong doing
Why can't you face reality?
And live a happy and contented life
And love by every human being
Where your true sacrifices are?
Where are all your promises gone to?
And how long will you take your time to repent
As life have no time to wait for you
Where are all your respectable self
That take you to nowhere now…….
Please feel your heart and soul
You will find….

Monday, September 8, 2008

Because You Love Me

Knowing you will always be around for me
Knowing you will always care for me
Even my slightest move you will know
Even my face I try to hide you are there with a smile
You just know me too well
My heart you feel deeply into yours
My sorrows and boredom
My tears and hurts
You keep it with you
And wash away my sorrows
You fill my world with your laughter and joy
You say you are my true friend
And will always be around
To share my ups and downs
You say you will never leave
Because you love me
And because I mean the world to you
And you would only let happiness into our life
And you would give me everything
You give me your world truly
I know I’m here for you
Because I love you too
©MY 2008