Monday, September 8, 2008

Because You Love Me

Knowing you will always be around for me
Knowing you will always care for me
Even my slightest move you will know
Even my face I try to hide you are there with a smile
You just know me too well
My heart you feel deeply into yours
My sorrows and boredom
My tears and hurts
You keep it with you
And wash away my sorrows
You fill my world with your laughter and joy
You say you are my true friend
And will always be around
To share my ups and downs
You say you will never leave
Because you love me
And because I mean the world to you
And you would only let happiness into our life
And you would give me everything
You give me your world truly
I know I’m here for you
Because I love you too
©MY 2008


Anonymous said...

sounds so pathetic!! love it., really cool, great poem

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Sarah Leach said...

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