Thursday, August 28, 2008

Feel You All Over

It is real, I'm not dreaming,
To feel you all over again,
For all those years in my life,
I thought I will never find,
That fairy tales are lies,
Now I found my brighter side,
That dreams turn reality,
Coz I found the real YOU,
Rediscover this amazing love,
A love that every girl dreamt of,
I am too contented to describe,
How kind love have given me,
Coz YOU have make it real for me,
The little things of your feelings make a difference to me,
You are really so sweet and wonderful,
That make my heart beat so fast,
Even many years had gone by,
I still can't get enough of you,
I still keep falling for your charm,
That will engraved in my heart forever,
I want you, I need you, my darling, my love,
I love the way you have showed you care,
And the more you love me,
It makes me love you more, more and more,
Forever I want you to be mine, for I am yours too,
Really so great to feel you all over again,
A better and stronger love in our life,
That I can never find another.

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DhoyM said...

That's a good one.