Tuesday, April 29, 2008

O Darling

O darling
My sweet love
Holding so close to your loving arms
As the stars watching us from above
Twinkling brightly wailing on us
A moment with love that last forever
I will no long be afraid of what time will bring
Because I know your are here forever
My only wish is you
To love and cherish you every single day
To need you and want you
To adore and honor you
O darling
My truly eternal love
29th,Apr.2008 @MY

Monday, April 28, 2008

Song of Love

There is this song of love
A song where birds are singing
And the strength of love is in your voice
Keep melting into my deepest heart
Let this meant forever
Let this never stop
It’s the beauty of wholeness
That our hearts become one
And the desire in us
That yearning for each moment
A love that never end
A love that filled with joyous moment
In all the years
We are still growing, stronger
28th.Apr.2008 @MY

My Mom, My Greatest Love

You are a true love to me
Maybe some will think love is just a simple word
But for me, my truest love is my loving mom
Looking through your eyes,
I see the beauty that an angel always had
My feeling get deeper into your heart
To feel how much mommy you have gave to me
Not of materials thing but is that love inside
Unfailing love, unmeasured, unconditionally,
Nothing can compare to how you flourish our life
You always want the best for us
You never let us feel the many pains that caused us
You always by our side even at our very painful time
Mommy I love you
Forever in my deepest heart I felt so much for you
I cried each time when I’m not near you
I cried when I miss you so much
Mommy I wish one day will come
That I will always have you near me
I love you so dearly
And never want anyone to cause you pain
You have suffered so much pains and hardships
To brought us up until we have our own life
Mommy I know, I felt each of your sufferings that you’d gone through
I want to give you the best that I could
I want your world be filled with wonderful joy and happiness
I want you now and always
You’re my greatest love of all
28th. April.2008. @MY

Friday, April 25, 2008

You are all to me

The moonlight shone brightly
To feel the breeze of wind blowing
My love, as your hands reaching mine
Touching my skin, feeling your warm embrace
I feel love
I feel trueness
The moonlight reflect our shadow
I feel proud you are by my side
I feel great you are all to me
I feel peace when your arms around me
I feel loved because of you
And that you are the ray of hope to me
And that you make my world fill with joy
And that you are the angel in my life
And that you will always be around
I love you, my love.
25th.Apr.2008 @MY

Million Blog List - A blogosphere experiment

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A fun to begin
A million blog listings
It is how you believe
The possibility
How long will it take to reach this number?
It’s for you to find out
One month?
Or two months even three months?
Let it be six months
Or maybe a year
It‘s depend on how to outcome is
So why not you too join the fun.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

A pain that cannot be felt

Not that you never ask
Or never seem to care
It’s only me
That I hold on without faith
You give me the most wonderful thing
And lead my world so right
But is this really fine?
And all that comes by
Cannot hold me in place or time
I just can’t breath
I just can’t hide
I try so hard
I feel so heavy and tight
And feel that warmness of the lights
That’s splitting my eyes
I wish I could hold tight
To the roughest waves
But I keep falling
Until I feel drowning
The heavy anchor holding me down
And no one at sight to hold on to my hands
I keep drowning deeper and deeper
And gasping the air through my mouth
Struggling to hold on to something
I can feel some voices calling
Deeply into my drowning ears
I wish it will be the end now
For my lungs will not feel the pain
And my head spinning high
To gasp the air of surviving
I know it is time now
That not much I can do
Glancing for the moment that last forever
As my eye sights turning grey sky
And the darkness holds so well
That to let go of myself
To somewhere
A new place

24th.Apr.2008 @MY

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Comfort In My Heart

I'm sitting here, am finding,
looking around, vision weaken,
defining what I have been looking,
still searching in every soul being,
that I came along the path I'm taking,
poverty, illnesses to mention few,
ill thinking people around us,
without knowledge of compassion and reasoning,
making this world so sad with greater fear,
they are many that come along our way,
still they are truthness but still some fake,
to feel in my heart I greatly shake,
what has become the safeness it's lost,
Changing keep changing,
this world once so real blooming of flowers,
turning around with more disasters,
only the faith makes me feel safe,
that put hope for the highness,
I see my side with these open eyes,
to make my life worth living,
and this world I will lead,
in hope to be nearer to loving souls,
and hope for peaceful life,
to cherish all my life,
with loved ones and friends,
is the worth of comfort in my heart.
MYCopyright ©2007

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Your Love Is Forever Strong

Thank you mommy,
For being there when I needed you most,
And being my rock when I should have been yours
And even at time I doubted myself, you always make me sure,
You have always be that person I could trust,
There is no love like your love
No stronger bond on earth
Your love is forever strong
And never change for all time
And when we needed you most,
Your love will always shine
You were my angel and my witness
Through all my pain and strife
You shape our being, and have endless wealth to give
You will always be a part of us, for as long as we may live,
I love you mommy.

19th.April.2008 @MY

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Her Own World

Would you want to know a story?
Of how a young lady at a tender age of twenty
Could turn her whole world into nobody’s world
She can hate and curse
And make her world in the shortest time,
To gain fame and riches
And try all ways that not even her closest love would know
She had her ways and whims
To get what her heart’s desire
And never think of consequences and causes
She wants to be rich and had a lot of money
She wants to be VIP that she would tell her friends
Her friends were different people that changes every time
Because of her boastful character that caused her friends to leave
She never stop and think of her wrongs
Because she thinks money is her world
She never wants to know about love
Because to her love is not everything
As we doubt how she treats her only love in her life….her husband
He will only follow her to where she goes
Or even what she wants, he will has no rejection,
And for her children she was a failure as a mom,
She never wants to hug her child
Or never spent any time to teach them about love
Even her child would thought when they grow up,
They want to stay far away from her
You see, she got her riches and her man
But she still seem not to bother about life around her
She is living in her own world
Where only riches and fame as her goal in life
I wonder had she ever thought
If one dying day would come
Could she take all her money, luxury cars or luxury things with her??
What a pity to this lady
For she still never realise
The real happiness in humankind
I wish God will help her to understand
How love, kindness and happiness
Can make the beauty in a one’s life
Before the end of time
May the God bless her always.
18. April.2008 @MY

To fear love is to fear life, and those who fear life are already three parts dead.
~Bertrand Russell (1872 - 1970),

Wisdom is not like money to be tied up and hidden. - Ghanaian Proverb

Wisdom is more precious than rubies. - Biblical Proverb, Proverbs 3:15

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

You don’t let me in your world

Why can’t you share all that happen in your life?
I thought I know your deepest world
But indeed I’m wrong
I feel so sad, you don’t let me in your world
I thought you want me to
But still there is something I’m not sure
How can all this keep happening?
Without an end to all the things we have plan of
Life wasn’t easy at all
Love wasn’t that real anymore
I thought to love someone……….
Is to give your whole world
As if it belong to you
I thought loving someone
Is like loving yourself
And give yourself completely
To share every single thing together
Am I that wrong?
I wasn’t sure anymore
Would life never have perfection?
Even you do your very best
But at the end of time
It is still the same…
All dream you hold on
Will never come……
It’s life …..just living on
What much do one expect
Love and life…
Just how true it will come along
Maybe an ending
Or maybe just the beginning
Who knows?

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sweet Little Girl

Sunshine beaming
Warming surrounding
Wind blowing
Dry leafs floating
Dust caught in eyes
Tears in girl’s eyes
Left alone
Watching birds on tree
Smile alone sweet little girl
Wishing mommy from far away
Today mommy coming home
To hold sweet little girl again
Feeling mommy touches
With warmest smile ever got
Mommy love you sweet little girl
With you she put all her hope
And her love for you is unmeasured
Little sweet girl…you are loved

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Greatest Love

Tender, Loving, Care,

That's all I want from YOU,

A special Gift that GOD send for me,

A creation HE prepare for us to cherish always,

We were so true, in OUR heart and soul,

HIS love give us the faith in everything we do,

This is OUR greatest LOVE from up above

In this world full of deceits and polluted minds,

The existence of true love hard to find,

For many who never want a better truthful life,

Cheating heart in almost all humankind,

In a world full of hurts, pains, sorrows,

Heartbreaks happens today and tomorrow,

Why do humankinds never stop and think?

Why they love to hurt others?

Isn't this an act of afflicting pains?

Can't they think of the consequences?

A Love that's real and true,

Don't always come along easily,

But we are glad and contented,

For OUR true, sincere, faithfulness and forgiveness,

Are always in our heart from the very beginning,

And we know God is guiding us all the way,

Which we will engraved in our heart, mind and soul.

Endless Love

The doors open wide

As everyone stands on their feet to show honor unto me

Friends, families, love ones, and even strangers

I walk down the aisle, looking at you from far

In your eyes, I see my dream man

The one whom I've dreamed of for years

Your love, so pure and true

Today I stand in your presence of many others

To celebrate two hearts as they become one

I vow beyond the kiss and the ring

To love you always and cherish you my love

You are my heart's special joy; happiness

And I adore you dearly

How do I explain that river of passion?

And how you've changed my world for the better

The most precious moment of my life

As I start this beautiful journey with you

Your heart I promise not to break

'Till the end I vow to love you always
The day we met, I gave my heart,

And made a vow, We’d never part.

Years may come, and years may go,

But there’s one thing I want you to know.

My love for you will grow each day,

My love will grow in every way.

And no matter what this life may bring,

As long as we’re together, my heart will sing.

I’ll call your name with my last breath.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Loving Eyes

Is the glow in your eyes

that hypnotize me

to hold tightly to you

in your arms of love

Darling, is your compassion and kindness

that make you so precious to me

and little things that you always care

that make all worries be gone

Those little things meant a lot

and most of all

is the heart that I'm holding on to

so pure and true....

You have your way

to always make me smile

to make everyday that we are sharing

extremely interesting

I will be holding on to you

now .....and always

never stop loving those tender look

in your loving eyes

Copyright ©2007

If I go before you

If I go before you
Please don't be sad
If I'm not by your side
Please don't hide away
Think of the beautiful memories that we have gone through
At that time I'm with you
Intimately under the blue sky
When our love become one
If you go before me
Will I have to live unhappy?
If you are not by my side
Will I be disappointed?
I believe you are always by my side
Even I can't feel you physically
Wherever you are
My love will never fail
Under the Casuarina tree engraved my love for you
The moon smile and shining
The softly falling leaves drop on your hair
Welcoming the beautiful surrounding
Below the moonlighting my promises was made
If I go before you
If I go before you
I will be waiting for you at the heaven's gate

Sunday, April 6, 2008

My Inspiration.....

I am your love ,You are my inspiration

L ove is great, having you in my life

O nly you revived my sleeping devotion

V ery glad, you are indeed a special someone

E very moment loving you gives me hope

Y ou are there to free this misery that I coped

O h, in those times I gave up

U came and I stood up

J enny never will I forget

E verytime you always cheer me up

N early every time I’m sad

N ow and forever I’m glad

Y es, whenever I’m lonely

You were there for me

keeping my heart alive

with your every smile

I dedicate this poem to you

to show how much you meant

to me I love you

My special someone

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Greatest Emotion

Love is a wonderful feeling
Love is everything to me
Love is what I feel for you
Everyday in my life
Love is like a song
Love is looking at you
Love is my greatest emotion
That keeping the love growing
I Love you, my darling you
Yes, it is you, my sweet love
My love keep going for you
And never get enough of you
My entirely are yours
For you, I truly love
So dearly in my heart I hold on
To this love you give to me