Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Comfort In My Heart

I'm sitting here, am finding,
looking around, vision weaken,
defining what I have been looking,
still searching in every soul being,
that I came along the path I'm taking,
poverty, illnesses to mention few,
ill thinking people around us,
without knowledge of compassion and reasoning,
making this world so sad with greater fear,
they are many that come along our way,
still they are truthness but still some fake,
to feel in my heart I greatly shake,
what has become the safeness it's lost,
Changing keep changing,
this world once so real blooming of flowers,
turning around with more disasters,
only the faith makes me feel safe,
that put hope for the highness,
I see my side with these open eyes,
to make my life worth living,
and this world I will lead,
in hope to be nearer to loving souls,
and hope for peaceful life,
to cherish all my life,
with loved ones and friends,
is the worth of comfort in my heart.
MYCopyright ©2007

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