Wednesday, April 16, 2008

You don’t let me in your world

Why can’t you share all that happen in your life?
I thought I know your deepest world
But indeed I’m wrong
I feel so sad, you don’t let me in your world
I thought you want me to
But still there is something I’m not sure
How can all this keep happening?
Without an end to all the things we have plan of
Life wasn’t easy at all
Love wasn’t that real anymore
I thought to love someone……….
Is to give your whole world
As if it belong to you
I thought loving someone
Is like loving yourself
And give yourself completely
To share every single thing together
Am I that wrong?
I wasn’t sure anymore
Would life never have perfection?
Even you do your very best
But at the end of time
It is still the same…
All dream you hold on
Will never come……
It’s life …..just living on
What much do one expect
Love and life…
Just how true it will come along
Maybe an ending
Or maybe just the beginning
Who knows?


musica0911 said...

heio..........just come to vist my fren=)

ya,maybe next time can write something like sonnet

you know,in english poem,most i like the shakespears....sonnet=)

May said...

Thanks, Joshua for visiting my page. Well, that's a good suggestion, I'll think about it. He is one of my favourite too.