Saturday, April 12, 2008

Endless Love

The doors open wide

As everyone stands on their feet to show honor unto me

Friends, families, love ones, and even strangers

I walk down the aisle, looking at you from far

In your eyes, I see my dream man

The one whom I've dreamed of for years

Your love, so pure and true

Today I stand in your presence of many others

To celebrate two hearts as they become one

I vow beyond the kiss and the ring

To love you always and cherish you my love

You are my heart's special joy; happiness

And I adore you dearly

How do I explain that river of passion?

And how you've changed my world for the better

The most precious moment of my life

As I start this beautiful journey with you

Your heart I promise not to break

'Till the end I vow to love you always
The day we met, I gave my heart,

And made a vow, We’d never part.

Years may come, and years may go,

But there’s one thing I want you to know.

My love for you will grow each day,

My love will grow in every way.

And no matter what this life may bring,

As long as we’re together, my heart will sing.

I’ll call your name with my last breath.

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