Thursday, April 24, 2008

A pain that cannot be felt

Not that you never ask
Or never seem to care
It’s only me
That I hold on without faith
You give me the most wonderful thing
And lead my world so right
But is this really fine?
And all that comes by
Cannot hold me in place or time
I just can’t breath
I just can’t hide
I try so hard
I feel so heavy and tight
And feel that warmness of the lights
That’s splitting my eyes
I wish I could hold tight
To the roughest waves
But I keep falling
Until I feel drowning
The heavy anchor holding me down
And no one at sight to hold on to my hands
I keep drowning deeper and deeper
And gasping the air through my mouth
Struggling to hold on to something
I can feel some voices calling
Deeply into my drowning ears
I wish it will be the end now
For my lungs will not feel the pain
And my head spinning high
To gasp the air of surviving
I know it is time now
That not much I can do
Glancing for the moment that last forever
As my eye sights turning grey sky
And the darkness holds so well
That to let go of myself
To somewhere
A new place

24th.Apr.2008 @MY

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