Saturday, June 14, 2008

My Daddy-Happy Father's Day

You so wonderful in so many ways
You gave your world entirely for us
I know and still remember
Freshly in this mind of mine
Your love and sacrifices
Your teaching and understanding
Your care and loving gesture
I will always keep in my heart
To say “I love you”
Was so hard for me to let you know now
My daddy…I always do
I think of you
I remember you
In my heart there is still that same old pain I’m feeling
Of losing you to illness was such a waste for you
You are that gentle man I love
Each time I miss you I cried
Daddy where are you now
I wish I could hold you forever
I miss you daddy, I do
I wish I could give you everything
I love you
I wish I could celebrate this special day with you
But only tears remind me of you
Daddy I hope God will look after you
Giving you the best blessing ever

©MY 2008
(the above picture was my dad's drawing)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My Lifetime Lover

You make me see how this love meant to be
You let the love flow into my heart
I feel great to know that I belong
I want it to be in your heart forever
O my love, I feel so much in love
When you tell me I belong to you
And you show me how much you want me and need me
My world fills with blooming flowers of glory
I love the way you wipe my face
To let your gentle hands touching my skin
And those loving arms that hug me warmly
O my darling, my tender love
You are my ocean of love
That takes hold of my world
I give you my life, my soul and everything
And make belong to you forever
As I need you more and more
And to love you truly
O my sweet love, my lifetime lover
©2008 MY

Only You

Let this captures of life
Be seal with your love eternally
Let this heart of love
Be touch by your gentle love only
With the fencing of sweetness from your heart
My life feels the warmness all over
I love the look of your eyes when you look at me
It is that charm in you that take control of my soul
It is that gentleness in your soul that takes hold of my world
I want you to be a part of me forever
To love me and care for me
Nobody could take hold of this heart that have been craft with your name
Nobody could make me feel so good like the way you do
You are like the precious angel that God send to me
You are like the answered prayer that God fulfill me

©2008 MY