Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My Lifetime Lover

You make me see how this love meant to be
You let the love flow into my heart
I feel great to know that I belong
I want it to be in your heart forever
O my love, I feel so much in love
When you tell me I belong to you
And you show me how much you want me and need me
My world fills with blooming flowers of glory
I love the way you wipe my face
To let your gentle hands touching my skin
And those loving arms that hug me warmly
O my darling, my tender love
You are my ocean of love
That takes hold of my world
I give you my life, my soul and everything
And make belong to you forever
As I need you more and more
And to love you truly
O my sweet love, my lifetime lover
©2008 MY


Dual said...

Hi!!.. hope a good week end and good blogging!!!

T-Fly Katapult said...

this poem is wat I love...its so risky and yet fulfilling to give ureself fully 2 sum1

Falcon said...

Very sweet...

Lena T said...

Thx for sharing beautiful poems here. Keep blogging!

Anonymous said...

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