Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Your Inner Soul

If you can feel

The love that give you the strength to hold on

If you can touch your heart

To understand the feeling of love you are looking for

Search deeper into your deepest innermost feeling

Care to take yourself into the world

A world where belong to you

Where no one there to interfere

Find the soul that was left there

Search and you will find

The depth of love you are looking

Not for humankind but of your inner soul

Care to take a little time

That will lead you to some where you have long for

A life that long for that peace and love

A life that fill with that meaning of desire and hope

Care to take a step deeper

If you can feel deeply into your soul

Hold on to it and make your better

For you will know, you wouldn’t have to worry

Someday you will find yourself back

To a brighter path that might lead you to the happiness in life


A simple love

On this wonderful day

Love is in the air

Everyone is searching for someone to love

If you could find someone that really care

And know what your heart’s desire

And let you know what that written in his heart for you

Be sure not to let go

For once in our lifetime

This someone might love you forever

Take good care of the love that will make you feel deeply for

Love will give you the power to hold on strongly

Love will let you know his love is amazing

Love will never lie when you love him truly

For love meant a lifetime

It gives us the understanding

Of sharing a life together

And to make a differences in life together

And to have a friend who will always be your love

Love is always wonderful.