Saturday, June 14, 2008

My Daddy-Happy Father's Day

You so wonderful in so many ways
You gave your world entirely for us
I know and still remember
Freshly in this mind of mine
Your love and sacrifices
Your teaching and understanding
Your care and loving gesture
I will always keep in my heart
To say “I love you”
Was so hard for me to let you know now
My daddy…I always do
I think of you
I remember you
In my heart there is still that same old pain I’m feeling
Of losing you to illness was such a waste for you
You are that gentle man I love
Each time I miss you I cried
Daddy where are you now
I wish I could hold you forever
I miss you daddy, I do
I wish I could give you everything
I love you
I wish I could celebrate this special day with you
But only tears remind me of you
Daddy I hope God will look after you
Giving you the best blessing ever

©MY 2008
(the above picture was my dad's drawing)


Johnny Ong said...

u really wrote that with feelings.

care to link up our blogs?

May said...

Sure Johnny, I'll link your blog. Take care.

Unique said...

I can understand how tough this can be >> I hope God heals your wounded heart . Fathers are so unique in one's life .

wish you all the best,

Dual said...

Hi my Friend..Good day and good week!!!

May said...

Unique-Thanks for dropping and for commenting. You are most welcome to my page. I'm healed but sometime I just got very emotional when I think of him. He was a very dedicated dad. I love him too deeply.
Dual- I hope everything fine for u too. Over here is fine.Take care.