Wednesday, April 9, 2008

If I go before you

If I go before you
Please don't be sad
If I'm not by your side
Please don't hide away
Think of the beautiful memories that we have gone through
At that time I'm with you
Intimately under the blue sky
When our love become one
If you go before me
Will I have to live unhappy?
If you are not by my side
Will I be disappointed?
I believe you are always by my side
Even I can't feel you physically
Wherever you are
My love will never fail
Under the Casuarina tree engraved my love for you
The moon smile and shining
The softly falling leaves drop on your hair
Welcoming the beautiful surrounding
Below the moonlighting my promises was made
If I go before you
If I go before you
I will be waiting for you at the heaven's gate

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