Monday, April 28, 2008

My Mom, My Greatest Love

You are a true love to me
Maybe some will think love is just a simple word
But for me, my truest love is my loving mom
Looking through your eyes,
I see the beauty that an angel always had
My feeling get deeper into your heart
To feel how much mommy you have gave to me
Not of materials thing but is that love inside
Unfailing love, unmeasured, unconditionally,
Nothing can compare to how you flourish our life
You always want the best for us
You never let us feel the many pains that caused us
You always by our side even at our very painful time
Mommy I love you
Forever in my deepest heart I felt so much for you
I cried each time when I’m not near you
I cried when I miss you so much
Mommy I wish one day will come
That I will always have you near me
I love you so dearly
And never want anyone to cause you pain
You have suffered so much pains and hardships
To brought us up until we have our own life
Mommy I know, I felt each of your sufferings that you’d gone through
I want to give you the best that I could
I want your world be filled with wonderful joy and happiness
I want you now and always
You’re my greatest love of all
28th. April.2008. @MY

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