Saturday, April 12, 2008

Greatest Love

Tender, Loving, Care,

That's all I want from YOU,

A special Gift that GOD send for me,

A creation HE prepare for us to cherish always,

We were so true, in OUR heart and soul,

HIS love give us the faith in everything we do,

This is OUR greatest LOVE from up above

In this world full of deceits and polluted minds,

The existence of true love hard to find,

For many who never want a better truthful life,

Cheating heart in almost all humankind,

In a world full of hurts, pains, sorrows,

Heartbreaks happens today and tomorrow,

Why do humankinds never stop and think?

Why they love to hurt others?

Isn't this an act of afflicting pains?

Can't they think of the consequences?

A Love that's real and true,

Don't always come along easily,

But we are glad and contented,

For OUR true, sincere, faithfulness and forgiveness,

Are always in our heart from the very beginning,

And we know God is guiding us all the way,

Which we will engraved in our heart, mind and soul.

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