Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Realization of self

I don’t know why
Can’t find the answer yet
To live a life with perfectness
For living are not that easy
You know the headache and heartache
That causes you to feel
So deeply touch by what was heading
To help with your heart and soul
But through strength that is not strong enough
For the nations crying hailing
For a true God they need Him to guide the way
What hardship and suffering
Will all this people getting through
With someone that never feel with heart or soul
But only of his unwillingness and selfishness
Would you dare to bare the death of people?
When their sufferings have no end
Would you bare the sins on your shoulder?
When their cries you left deaf ear
How long… long
When one ten year seem passing fast
How many ten years do a human live
Did you think deeply?
Did you care for your loved ones truly?
And be a true man of history
Would you dare to realize your wrong doing
Why can't you face reality?
And live a happy and contented life
And love by every human being
Where your true sacrifices are?
Where are all your promises gone to?
And how long will you take your time to repent
As life have no time to wait for you
Where are all your respectable self
That take you to nowhere now…….
Please feel your heart and soul
You will find….

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