Wednesday, February 27, 2008

You Are Everything To Me

This morning my son asks me to buy a new phone for him.
I told him that I cannot afford to buy him another one.
The phone he is using was bought three months ago Nokia 5610 Xpress Music.
I just wonder why children nowadays not really content with what they already had. Every new model come out in the market surely
they will persuade their parent to buy if for them. I am really tired, not because of changing it for him but because of hearing too much persuasion from them. I love them so much, I feel bad for not buying it for them. But I just
hope my thirteen years old boy will understand. Sure I love to buy it for him but not now, I don't want to pamper him too much.

Little Sunshine

Honey, don’t say,
Mommy not loving you,
For you meant the world to me,
You are a part of me.

Honey, never compare,
Mommy’s love for other things,
For I know I am always here for you,
You are everything to me.

Honey, don’t feel bad,
Mommy will try the best,
For I know what you want,
Your heart desire is known to me

My Chin © 2008


Nining Ngadimun said...

pity u, kids are gettting more demanding nowadays. i wud be grateful enough if i have tht phone. he shud be grateful too, i suppose. i was using my nokia 3200 for almost FIVE YEARS until i bought a new sony ericsson walkman series. i better learn how to teach my future kids the value of thgs they will have. May u be a good momma.

May said...

Thanks for dropping by nining. Being a momma really very hectic. But what choice do we have as a responsible mom, I must always make sure every single thing that I do for them are fair and I hope they will fully understand every expects of life with maximum knowledge. Materialism I hope they understand it is not the most important one in life. Anyway, I just be the best I could. :)