Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Life wasn't really smooth in so many people's life. But some how we need to carry on because there are no easier ways to make it with a short cut. One thing for sure, what we need to do each day is to be contented of what we have and manage it the right way. We try our best to do more to the righteous way in order for the next generations to learn and follow the right path. Everything I do or say, I will try my best to be really careful when educating my young ones. With this, sometimes I feel quite stressful. I have no choice as there are too many young people out there without proper guidances from their parents, so many unwanted incidents and disappointments were created due to their naivety and unproper upbringing.

Humans, at my point of view are born equal, the difference is how we educate and groom them as they grew up. Most things are determined from the moment we are born although we have a choice to change it later in life as in our name and religion as an example. So, our way of thinking, character, personality depends alot on our upbringing. Life is to be enjoyed not endured.


If you see this window

with scenery that captivates your life

Will you ever stop and think

what you see at the end of another window

Life is always beautiful

when the mind of youth still fresh

Life turns grey

when age catching up

But I know the way to make it fine

becoz life are most beautiful

when mixed with spices of love

with kindness to bear at heart

Always treasure every minutes

for its counts even the seconds

And little thing that said and done

mean a big thing that last forever ....

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