Tuesday, May 20, 2008


You walk right in my life
At the moment I just needed you most
You change my world with just a gentle smile
So truly I’m touched by the gaze in your eyes
They show me, you are the one my heart desire
I know it, I felt it
The beat of my heart could not hold back
For I just need to show you how I felt
But as you hold my hand and lead me to the dance floor
I know that feelings just right
You hold on tight to me
And made me felt how you needed me too
For hours on the dance floor
We still could not let go of each other
Still holding on and enjoying each song together
Hand on hand and gazing into each other eye
This feeling I still felt deeply in my heart
Of how beautiful a moment I’ll never forget
For entirely I still holding you
Face to face and enjoying our time
To never let go of each other
As this love could only grow deeper
Every second, every minute, every hour, every day
Of our life
©2008 MY


Johnny Ong said...

u really do enjoy reading such lovely poems / write-ups

May said...

johnny, thanks for your nice comment and for visiting my page. :)

SpiderJane said...

this is my dream life with my soul mate....my final happiness :-)