Sunday, May 11, 2008

Hold me now until forever

I know your love is real
I know you care for me
I know you are always near
I know I wouldn’t have to worry
For you are standing here
And holding me close
Touching my soul
Do not let go honey
Each day meant so much to me
To know you never far away
To let me feel you deeply
Into this heart of mine
Hold me now until forever
And let this feelings grow eternally
And holding me closely, my love
To feel your heartbeat endlessly
My precious loving you
You make me feel so right
In our world of passion
I’m yours forever….


Jenaisle said...

Hello May, the poems have a kind of attractive simplicity. Did you compose them yourself? You are young enough to be my daughter and I am old enough to be your mother. (grins).
Keep the creative juices flowing. Poetry is one area I like to dawdle on. Thanks for the visit too.

May said...

Thanks. Yes, I wrote all poetry myself. I love poetry and like to express all happenings around me mostly through poetry. Its my passion. :) Very nice of you to drop by. Thanks. :)

Anonymous said...

The simplicity of the poem is a factor that makes it intriguing..

Awesome...wish I could write like that ;]

Jena Isle said...

May, you write poetry well, do join the creative pen contest for poetry
at this site. I know you'll make it good. Keep posting.

Jenaisle said...

btw, I added you to my blog roll.

May said...

Xander, Thankyou for your nice comment.Poetry is like life.
KISS- Keep It Simple and Sweet.

Jena, Thanks for added me and for your suggestion.

Randy said...

So much love you flow. May you must be a happiness woman.Aren't you?^^