Friday, May 9, 2008

For My Mama -Mother’s Day

Mama dear
You give me a world where there’s hope and love
You teach me to be kind and loving
You guide me to lead our life full of confidence
Mama, I thank you for being my mom
I love you, is the only word I could say to you
It means your love is the greatest and most divine
I belong to you forever and this will always be
Mama, from the moment you gave me my life
I know I owe you my lifetime
Mama, even a million thanks I could not replace
Of how you love and take care of me
For the most difficult time in my life, you walk with me
You are always here, to show you care
And hold me strongly and give me strength
You hold my world with your precious love
When you know I ‘m ending my life
Mama, I love you and don’t mean to hurt you
You are the only one that know what I’ve gone through
You are the only one that could read the thing that torturing my mind
And you are the only you, that takes note of my every step
And you will never leave me alone when I’m feeling bad
We have gone through together all the downturn in life
We know all the closest people that turn their back on us
Mama you are there, you still hold me strongly
You have given my life a new beginning
Mama, I wouldn’t have live until today
It is you who give me all
I love you, mama
Without you, I am nothing
I need you, mama
Forever I am yours
10th.May.2008 @MY


Jenaisle said...

The feelings and gratitude of the writer is apparent in the sweet lines of the poem. Happy blogging.

May said...

Thanks. It was a very emotional poem for my mom, someone I love so dearly. There could be more to write about her. Thanks for your expression on this poem. :)