Thursday, May 1, 2008

Our Loving Devotion

You have shown me a life that filled my soul
And make me want you more with each passing day
You gave me hope to carry on
You gave your life in exchange for mine
I need you, my precious angel
You are everything that I dream of
And I promise you
That our love will last forever
Our flame of love will never die
As I surely holding you tight
As you’re my man and I’m your woman
That made our life a loving devotion
To share this entire life
Of what we have always need of each other
A love that so real and deep
A love that full of respect
A love that light our heart
A love that make us one
And make our life complete

1st.May.2008 @MY


maghis said...

Hi I love it ! I wish life could be filled with more wisdom and compation. I wish i had such peace in me.

You are wonderful

You may be interested by my website is: I do not use my blogger page.
I try to discover a way to love better and share it with the world.

May said...

Thanks maghis. I will drop by your site, Love is always wonderful.
Its live inside us. Better to love than hate because we feel better with love. :)May

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