Saturday, May 3, 2008

My heart is filled with your love

You are so beautiful
My tender love
You are here always
To pick me up when I’m falling
To hold me tight when I’m weak
My heart is filled with your love
Each time I touch your face
Those brown eyes of yours
Filled my soul with happiness
Kissing your lips that taste the sweetness of love
Making my feelings for you grow deeper
You always holding close
To caress me with your hands that I crave
Your tenderness I can’t decline
O my love
You are here always
So loving and caring
In my heart it is you that I love
Is the passion of wanting
To share everything that I have
With you only
O my love
Your love is like a flame
That keeps burning in my deepest ocean
A flame that will keep burning
Burning to the depth of my heart forever
3rd.May,2008 @MY

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CashQuest said...

Wow ! Nice sketches. Do you draw them yourself ?