Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Love You Want In Me

If you would tell me how much you'd love me

If you have let me know

that you are waiting for me

I would not let you down

I would never love another

I would always be yours

I would love you more

It was you

who never say a word

and let things fall to different waves

I'm the one who fear to let you know

how I've love you long long time ago

but keep it deep in my heart

I'd never knew you felt for me

I'd never knew

you really care

We both never try

to let the feelings grow

Now I know

how much it meant to me

your presence in my life

I want you I need you

If you would let me share

the love you want in me

I know we could make it through

For I know how you've Love me

and how I've Love You.

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