Saturday, March 22, 2008

I want to love you till the end

It had been a long time
we are with each other, darling
But still fresh in my mind
that very sweet love we kept deep inside
Since the first time you took my hand
my love for you had been growing
I just love the way you love me
and the way your stares
and your understanding
each time you speak my heart
I want to love you till the end
I want to be your only true love
Sharing my every moment
Sharing the life we are heading
Deep inside I know how you feel
my love for you will never die
my love for you are still growing
I will love you till the end.
MY© 2008


musica0911 said...

u write english poem???do u know chinese???

i have some chinese poem in this site=)

May said...

So sorry I can't read chinese. But you have a nice blog. Wish I could read it. Thanks for dropping by.