Saturday, December 6, 2008

Do You Really Care?

It’s in your eyes

The glow seem losing

For faith you keep so firmly

But hope just lose it ways

You know how well you have done

To see that future turn to darkness

How many chances and changes passed by

But still you could not come to know

That importance of time and life

When will you realize

When will you find

That true self you have inside

Will you ever known

That the broken heart that you cause

To those that really care for you

How long do they have to wait for their tears turn to laughter?

For all their hope they put on you

To see your path be brighter

And life be happier

They live each day for you

And give you all the best

Forever they stand by you and never lose hope

Do you still care for how they are feeling for you?



Petula said...

Your writing is nice and I like the pictures.

May said...

Hi, thanks for dropping by. Really appreciated your comment, thanks. :-)

Wizard said...

Beautiful poetry. Here's mine:

I don't love you because you love me

I don't love you because of anything you do

I just love you because it's you

franx said...

Great poem Chin. Happy new year ya

ZuiYanHong said...

Great poem. Hopefully I can write as good as you.

Denny Lyon said...

Poignant reminder to people not to get so self-absorbed and then not notice the loyal ones who have been standing right next to us all the time.

You have such a lovely soul and it is reflected in the heart of your poetry!

Zenchukovskiy said...

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