Wednesday, November 12, 2008

True love will reveal

When there is time you know
That someone so special to you
You feel it inside you
You need to show
You need to let that someone know
That how your heart feels
And that you have a dream to share
And you need to show
You need to reveal
How your heart yearning for
Only true love
Will make you know
A world that fulfilled
Just for you and yours


Ismail N said...

Wow, this is nice and lovely. You seems to be a romantic person and hv lot of interest with poets. This one is good. Please keep it coming.

May said...

Hi Ismail, thanks for stopping by, appreciated it. Do drop by again.
Poems is my passion and its expressed the truth around us.

baster said...

Great, it's nice that your blog is full of valuable information for your readers.