Sunday, November 30, 2008

Just Another Day

the shadow of the sun light my path
Of how great you lead my life so far
from dimly my heart's hold my faith
to the strength of the sunbeam you gave to me
no worry, no sadness ever appear
as you walk to this life that dear
the pains, sorrows and wounds
taking its time to disappear
you give me the patience
to make me grow
to somewhere I'd never been
somewhere that meant like heaven
when my life seem to fade again
you pull me up and stand by me
the strength you give to hold me high
I feel just so great
I know I'm weary at time
and feel I might tumbling down
I can't tell how long I can be strong
to face the life I'm going through
But each day
you give your words
full of courage and victory
never let me alone
to get through bad times
on alone
you are always there
what mine for tomorrow?
It might be another day....
MY ©2007


Zenchukovskiy said...

Thanks for the positive and encouraging post! Everything is jut perfect here! I'm writing an annotated bibliography and this poem will characterize a part of my life.

Anonymous said...

I really liked your
positive ways in this poem!! well done, keep on enjoing a life!

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darkmuse said...

Very nice poem, so touchy
congrats, I think it's real sucess

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